Successful School Change

Changing Education for Student Success

Helping school communities implement the changes necessary to provide students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to successfully navigate their lives with productive livelihoods in the Twenty-first Century.

Maura Hart, ED. D.

Global Awareness

If we are to not only compete on a global scale as a nation, but also collaborate with people across the globe who speak different languages, and operate under completely dissimilar, and sometimes opposing, cultural norms, we must teach a very different skill set to our students than that which is predominantly currently being taught.

"Real change then, whether desired or not, represents a serious personal and collective experience characterized by ambivalence and uncertainty; and if the change works out it can result in a sense of mastery, accomplishment and professional growth. The anxieties of uncertainty and the joys of mastery are central to the subjective meaning of educational change, and to success or failure thereof." -Michael Fullan, The New Meaning of Educational Change 2001.